A documentary by François Gonce

Lou Boland made his mark on season 9 of The Voice Belgium, one of the most popular TV shows in French-speaking Belgium. The young artist revealed himself to a large audience, who voted him through to the semi-finals. Lou owes this success as much to his touching profile as to his singular talent. The blind and autistic young man has a brain defect, but he is also a self-taught musician and a brilliant all-rounder who lives for and through music.

At 23, Lou is at a turning point. While his father dreams of him being recognised as an artist and being able to make a living from it, before being the “handicapped one”, this evolution will depend not only on his success with the public but also on his own personal progression – fraught with pitfalls – towards greater autonomy. Lou is still very dependent on his two parents, both of whom are very involved but also worried about their son’s future. The challenge of making a living from his art goes beyond artistic ambition; it is an existential challenge for Lou and his family.

REALIZATION François Gonce

DURATION 56 min.

YEAR Release 2022

Produced by RAYUELA PRODUCTIONS in coproduction with RTBF and SHELTER PROD, with the support of SCREEN.BRUSSELS, of Taxshelter.be, of ING, and of tax shelter du gouvernement fédéral de Belgique

Talking about disability for a more inclusive society

« A world without Lou would be a sadder, greyer world. The world with him poses a lot of societal questions that we may not have resolved yet,” writes his dad Luc Boland on the Lou Foundation website. There is no better summary of what the documentary will show us: Lou’s luminosity, his disarming authenticity, his talent, but also the societal questions that arise from his very particular state of being. How can we manage to be recognised as an artist before being labelled as disabled, in a society still very uncomfortable with difference? How can we change the way we look at unusual people?


Script and direction: François Gonce

Producer: Laurence Buelens

Image: Jean-François Awad

Sound: Cosmas Antoniadis, Eric Chabot

Editing: Nicolas Bindelle

Original music: Lou Boland

Sound editing and mix: Jeff Levillain

Calibration: Loran Begouin

Color: Col.

Duration: 56 min.

Languages spoken in the film: french

Distributor(s): RTBF

Support(s): TaxShelter.be, Screen Brussels

ISAN: 0000-0006-3FE2-0000-G-0000-0000-Q