Said of a deer that sheds its antlers

A short film by Salomé Crickx

Today is the 167th annual Shedding, a cheerful ceremony that brings all generations together to promote ideological renewal. This year, Ben and her parents will experience it first hand. 

Produced by RAYUELA PRODUCTIONS with the support of CENTRE DU CINÉMA ET DE L’AUDIOVISUEL DE LA FÉDÉRATION WALLONIE-BRUXELLES and of TAXSHELTER.BE, of ING, of tax shelter du gouvernement fédéral de Belgique.

Salomé Crickx


I wanted to create a little bomb that would assert its intemperance, and plunge the audience into a pit of intergenerational impermeability. Drawing a somewhat desperate – never sentimental – and funny picture of that gap. It is a gritty comedy that aims to make the audience laugh while making them wonder « am I really laughing at this?!

A dystopia in which the problem of the ageing of our societies finds a radical but agreed solution, a way of tackling a serious issue through humour. A little gem of a film.

- Le Focus Vif

“This absurdist fable offers a paradoxical solution that entertains as much as it makes us think about the fate of humanity. With a humour that never forgets the tragedy behind it, this work surprised us with its maturity and narrative complexity.”

- The Quebec Film Critics Association

Awards & Selections

The Quebec Film Critics Association Award, Regards Festival 2023

Best Editing Award, Brussels Short Film Festival 2023 (BE)

Press Award, Brussels Short Film Festival 2023 (BE)

RTBF – La Trois Award, Brussels Short Film Festival 2023 (BE)

Special Mention from the National Jury,  Brussels Short Film Festival 2023 (BE)

Regards 2023 Saguenay International Short film Festival (CA)

BSFF 2023  Brussels Short Film Festival (BE)

Data Sheet

Original title: Se dit d’un cerf qui quitte son bois

International title: Said of a deer that sheds its antlers

Format: Short film

Genre: fiction, dark comedy, dystopia

Duration: 19’51 min.

Script and direction: Salomé Crickx

Line producer: Laurence Buelens

Associate producer: Salomé Crickx


Lara Ceulemans, Fabienne Lichtert, Raphaëlle Damilano, France Bastoen, Bernard Sens, Arthur Marbaix, Louis Marbaix, Fabienne Mainguet, Alexandre Trocki, Marie-Charlotte Siokos, Emeline Billat, Eno Krojanker

1st assistant director: Ophélie Neve

Director of photography: Edouard Outters

Chief decorator: Clémence Thiery

Costume designer: Romane Paquay

Sound engineer: Gianluca Kegelaert

Editing: Romain Waterlot

Sound editing: Liza Thiennot

Mix: Sébastien Van Dhelsen

Original music: Jérémy Alonzi

Colour Grading: Michaël Cinquin

Format: 2K, Coul.

Image ratio: 2.39 (scope)

Native support: Video 4K 2:1

Operating support: DCP 5.1

Premiere : March 2023

Languages spoken in the film: french

Subtitled versions: english

Country: Belgium

Production: Rayuela Productions 

Coproduction: Shelter Prod

Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles,, ING, tax shelter du gouvernement fédéral de Belgique.

Diffusion and distribution :
The Belgian Short Film Agency

ISAN number: 0000-0006-6B8A-0000-G-0000-0000-Q